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RFC 1014 (Sun's XDR)
RFC 1832 (XDR)
RFC 1057 (Sun's RPC)
RFC 1831 (RPC)
RFC 1833 (rpcbind/portmapper)
RFC 1790 (RPC public license)

    This is the archived RPC page. The new homepage can be found here!


I've written an implementation of Sun RPC, i.e. the protocol for remote procedure calls in the Internet. It is now part of Ocamlnet. On Unix operating systems, this protocol is used for system tasks such as the Network File System, but it can also be used for applications. RPC means that a system in the Internet can offer procedures which may be called by every other system in the net, i.e. input parameter values are transferred from the calling system to the called system, then the code associated with the procedure is executed, and finally the result value is transferred back. The values can be structured, i.e. composed of records, arrays and unions.

With this library it is possible to write Caml programs acting as caller or as service provider. The package offers the necessary infrastructure for the protocol, such as value serialization, socket handling, and the overall control of the protocol states. It is possible to simply use the library as library, but there is also a generator (ocamlrpcgen) simplifying the creation of RPC stubs.

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