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KB 001: OMake Recipes

How to use the OMake build utility best

The OMake utility is easy to use for simple projects: After "omake --install" it drops a template OMakefile into the current directory, and you simply need to fill it out to get started. But what if you need more than what is provided in the template? Here, I've collected a number ... (read more)

KB 002: OCaml Programs As Shared Libraries

Compile programs into .so files

Since quite some time the OCaml code generator supports the creation of position-independent code (PIC). This is e.g. required to load OCaml modules dynamically. Another use is to output OCaml programs as shared libraries. (read more)

KB 003: Disable setuid-root on Linux

What I learned when programming the GODI autobuilder

In Linux books and the usual documentation you can read about two ways of securing chroot environments: by clearing the setuid-root bits file by file, or by disabling the setuid mechanism in the mount flags. Actually, there is a third way since kernel 2.6.26. (read more)

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